State and City Alcohol Sale Permits

Whether you are a new business owner looking to sell alcoholic beverages or an established business preparing to move to a new location, you will quickly discover that obtaining and maintaining a liquor license can be incredibly complicated in the state of Louisiana. Your chances of securing the permit you require will be much greater if you work closely with a trusted attorney.  Stavros Panagoulopoulos possesses an extensive understanding of local regulations, as well as the negotiation skills necessary to secure desired outcomes for his clients.

Alcohol Permits and Other Services

It can be surprisingly difficult to obtain a permit to sell and serve alcohol in New Orleans. A variety of essential documents must be successfully prepared and filed with appropriate departments. This process is best completed with the assistance of a local attorney who is well-versed in the area’s complicated liquor licensing regulations. Stavros Panagoulopoulos helps an array of bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and other businesses obtain the licenses needed to sell liquor and remain in compliance with local laws.

In addition to helping new businesses obtain liquor licenses, Stavros Panagoulopoulos assists those who anticipate a change in location or ownership. If a business’ application for an alcoholic beverage license is denied, he can prepare a powerful appeal. His positive relationships with several authorities in the local hospitality industry allow him to secure favorable outcomes for a wide array of matters involving liquor licensing.

Compliance Issues

By working with the right alcohol licensing attorney, it is possible to greatly reduce the risk of future compliance issues. However, if a compliance problem does arise, it is important to turn to a trusted attorney for counsel. Stavros Panagoulopoulos offers proactive defense for local licensees, including representation at Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control hearings. If your business has been accused of violating local regulations regarding the sale of alcohol, aggressive representation may be all that stands between you and the loss of your license. Look to Stavros Panagoulopoulos and the Pelican Law Group for the legal support needed to retain your ability to serve alcoholic beverages.

The Pelican Law Group: A Trusted Resource For Liquor Licensing and Enforcement Issues

Stavros Panagoulopoulos handles a variety of legal matters involving alcoholic beverage licensing and enforcement. No matter the current state of your business’ alcohol sale permit, you can depend on the Pelican Law Group for the proactive representation you require.